Kasprzak with torn cruciate ligament


Yesterday Krzysztof Kasprzak went through a lot of tests on severe pain felt in his knee after his fall in the Best Pairs Speedway in Landshut (5/10/2014, I wrote about the collapse more >> HERE <<). It turned out that Kasprzak has broken cruciate ligament tibial and front cross in his left knee. The injury will require surgery and further treatment and rehabilitation, which can take up to half a year, it would mean the end of the season for this player, as Ireneusz Zmora tells  it is possible to stabilize the knee with special orthosis. If Kasprzak would be able to continue to ride with the injury and no complications will arise, he can finish the season, and after it to undergo surgery. At present Kasprzak declare his preparedness to take part in the Grand Prix in Tampere, which will is this Saturday 17.05.

Source: espeedway.pl

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