Kasprzak colapse in Speedway Best Paris


All Polish fan held their breath when in heat 21 of Speedway Best Pairs  Krzysztof Kasprzak fall, it looked really bad, for a long while Kasprzak did not get up from the track, finallyhe luckilyy left it on his own feet,but was not able to ride in play-off.  Coach of Polish team believes that Kasprzak may have stretched ligament in the knee, while Ireneusz Zmora wrote on Facebook that KK will be able to perform in tomorrow’s match against Wybrzeżowi Gdańsk:

„No big deal happened. On my eye Kasprzak pulled a ligament in his knee. In my opinion on Sunday he will be ready to fight in a league match. Fortunate that it ended so”

Mark Cieslak statement for SportoweFakty.pl


„Our captain informed me that he is ready to ride in match with Gdańsk”

BUT as we know now Kasprzak did not perform in this match and nobody knows if he will appear in GP in Tampere (more about new information about Kasprzak health I wrote >>HERE<<)

source: sportowefakty.pl


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