Happy New Year!!!!

I want to wish all speedway fans, a lot of joy, health, dreams to come true and of course more only good emotion connected to speedway and your favourite riders and clubs!

And speedway riders I wish little accidents, more time with family and high form!



Everyone summarize the speedway year 2013 with good and bad things but I think that it’s waste of time to remember all this bad times and I prefer to summarize this year only from good side!

Biggest surprise:
1 Tai Woffinden as Individual World Champion
2 Pawel Przedpełski and his incredible form
3 The entrance to the GP Smolinski after taking 3rd place in the GP Challenge
Biggest success:
1 Gold of Poland in SWC with two juniors in the composition of
2 Three poles on the podium IMŚJ
3 The team from USA in race off instead of Swedes

Best speedway tournament
1 Round of IME in Russia, a set of public
2 SWC few fans, but an incredible welcome from the hosts
3 Poland vs Rest of the World

The biggest luck

  1. All speedway riders that this year become father
  2. Betard Sparta Wrocław thanks to Polonia Bydgoszcz
  3. Emil Sayfutdinov, Chris Holder and Tomasz Gollob that their ugly accidents ended well and can come back on track

The best form of:
1 Grzegorz Walasek
2 Jaroslaw Hampel
3 Patryk Dudek

Fair play:
1 Polonia Bydgoszcz in the fight for the parsley in the last match of Rzeszów
2 Piotr Protasiewicz for giving money for points Krzysztofowi Jabłońskiemu, because of Protasiewicz fault he losts his position and 2 points.
3 Zielona Gora vs Włókniarz Czestochowa and fight for the Fair Play Cup

The funniest:

Emil Sayfutdinov and Tai Woffinden touch in GP the tape and both think they are exluded:



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