SEC not for Grand Prix speedway riders.


Yesterday we found out that FIM and BSI decided to forbid speedway rider’s who compete in Grand Prix to take part in Individual European Championships.

Since the formula of the European Championship was renamed and became competitive for BSI and thus for the Grand Prix ,speculation and ideas on how to eliminate the hassle of a competitor did not end , and unfortunately at the expense of  fans and speedway riders , Grand Prix organizers have decided to simply issue a ban competing in the European Championships for competing in the GP . If the top players wanted to compete this year , both for the title of World Champion and Europe means that the conditions had to be really beneficial for them , and in my opinion FIM and BSI should think if for some time , some players will simply prefer to earn good money during four SEC tournaments than to spend a lot of money for travel and compete in the Grand Prix . While the leading riders certainly will want to further compete to win the coveted title of World Champion , whereas competitors with much smaller chance of the title might be tempted to cancellations of races in the GP for the European Championships , and probably no one would be suprised. Perhaps even more such a decision would regret BSI than the SEC, but it remains to be seen . I hope that in spite of all problems European Championships will not disappear from the calendar of speedway events , because as any fan of black sport if I have the opportunity to see more of the competition with the best competitors I really don’t mind and it does not mean that I will stop watching Grand Prix or SEC.

According toSportowe Fakty :
” – There are proved to us the most pessimistic scenario . Starts riders from the Grand Prix are being blocked. At this time, all contracts are in the hands of lawyers. They will determine what steps will be taken in the near future . This applies to sponsorship agreements , as well as television – told Adam Krużyński , a representative of the main sponsor of the SEC ‚s nice .
Appalled by the decision of the FIM , is one of the representatives of the organizer of the SEC. – At the moment, we do not want to comment more broadly , our position on this situation, consult with lawyers . We have a valid contract with the FIM -Europe , based on which we have made a number of other commitments. This is not a joke , it is not fun – the impression that not everyone understands . There’s been a big mistake. Information on these ideas , thoughts; plans BSI and FIM , of course, came to us for a long time , but no official message is not received . The decision came by mail a few days ago – it looks exactly that in the rules of the FIM -Europe will record that in the competition rank Championships competitors can not compete Grand Prix . Interestingly, the players receiving a wild card into the cycle SGP ( Gollob and Jonsson ) have not received the information that the choice of the SGP automatically eliminates them from competing in the SEC. Generously allowed us , however, that one player GP cycle could start in the SEC with a wild card in the individual tournament. Interestingly , it was also ( authoritarian , without consultation ) the decision that the leading three riders SEC obtains final promotion to … Grand Prix Challenge . Aside from the substantive value of this brilliant idea , there is a problem – the SEC would have to decide by the end of August , which is basically impossible without causing conflicts with other terms . They lose the fans , the players lose , you lose the discipline – said the representative of One Sport Jan Konikiewicz . „


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