Tomasz Gollob interview about his helath

About his health:

„The entire upper part of the body, that is hand, arm, head and shoulder that is I think (the most paintfull areas) as I know I have somethink with seventh vertebra. I don’t really remember what was happening because everything was happening behind me so I don’t even registered what happened in this moment and when I was falling down, in fact first what I remember was moment when I was already in hospital, two days later. Accidents, have happened before now is the time to get this ingury cured. I will spend this time to bring up to 100% of the form. And then we will attack.”

About Tai Woffinden and his apology:

„That means that he is very experienced rider and he feels that it was his fault. If he wants to talk to me it shows that he is good guy.”

About final match between Toruń and Zielona Góra for gold:

„I’m the second rider in this team that couldn’t ride, of course I’m very sorry that I wasn’t able to take part in this match but this is sport. I really apologise my fans from Toruń, club, bosses and owner of the club Mr. Karkosik.”

żródło; tvn24

translate: by myselth



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