Tomasz Gollob health condition

Yesterday Tomasz Gollob was transferred from a hospital in Stockholm to the Military Hospital in Bydgoszcz, As reported by Dr. Kasprzak dealing with Gollob were conducted once a thorough research in order to verify the results they obtained the doctors in Sweden. In addition, Gollob in an interview with a reporter admits that he saw no obstacles to the next season did not get back on track. Now Tomasz Gollob rehabilitation will take place wuntil the end of the year and in a few days he will be able to leave the hospital.
Aout  Tomasz Gollob health spoke doctor Kasprzak who is involved in speedway rider recovery:
„The findings of yesterday and earlier studies have shown that Mr. Tomasz Gollob suffered a fracture of the seventh cervical vertebra. It is a violation that does not need to be operated, will be treated pre-emptively. It also has the features of brachial plexus injury and the whole team contusions of the brain associated with loss of consciousness and concussion. Mr. Thomas, however, should consider the matter deeply fees to return to the track, at a time when a few days ago, suffered a stroke, which was suspected concussion of the brain. I think his mental state at the moment suggests that these deep thoughts on it are. ”

Below is a link to video with interview with Tomasz Gollob, who talks about his well-being, Tai Woffinden apology and apologizes to fans and activists for the fact that he could not appear in the final of DMP:

Interview with Gollob about his state of health video is in Polish but here is my transalte: ENGLISH VERSION

Mr. Thomas, all the fans are with you! We wish a speedy recovery!!




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