GP in Stokholm Gollob’s injury

Groźny upadek Gollob, kontuzja pleców- przesuniecie 7 kręgu oraz wstrząśnienie mózgu.

Very badly started  the competition in the GP in Stockholm for Tomasz Gollob,to  who in the second race on the first bend, drove into the Tai Woffinden who made a terrible mistake and hit the rear wheel of Pole. As a result, both fallen and Gollob shot twice in the head of Woffinden’s motor. Early reports say that Gollob twice lost consciousness and suffered a head injury and back pain. Recent reports say the lack of fractures in Gollob, but skewed to the seventh vertebra and in addition research is being conducted tomography. The study showed a concussion.

The following video from this fall:



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