GP in Krsko without Sayfutdinov:


Emil is still not in good condition that’s why he will not take part in GP in Krsko on Sathurday and he will not support his team in play off round in Częstochowa on Sunday, moreover the team will have oppurnity to ride with ZZ (replacement player).

„Dear fans,

Unfortunately, despite of intensive rehabilitation, which run from Monday along with my wonderful physical therapist Renata, I will not be  prepare for the competition this weekend. If you do not take the possibility of other guys Dospel textile worker with whom fought for the highest score of the season and the great fans of Częstochowa, as long as you have hope for their beloved home team in the final Enea Extraleague, I decided to take sick leave to allow the application of a provision of the replacement player.
Thank you to everyone who put a lot of work this week so I can get on the bike this weekend. Doctors from Torun for the wonderful care after the accident, Renata and Peter for rehabilitation and my whole team for the this that they believed in me and supported me all the time.
I hope  Dospel Włókniarz will bein the final, and I will be able to compete in the final tournament GP in Torun. Once again, many thanks. I keep my fingers crossed for Dospel Włókniarz and see you as soon as possible.”



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