Emil Sayfutdinov health condition


It is obvious that in speedway  physical and technical adventage is as important as mental adventage. When season is slowly ending and someone is ingured not many speedway riders would confess: it’s end of my season I will not come back this year on track. We can only expect secrets and some information that contains only as much as speedway rider wants to. This same is in Sayfutdinov’s case. Tomasz Suskiewicz, his manager, was takling about Emil’s health in Polish tv program: Enea Ekstraliga, here is what he claims:

„Chance that Emil will come back in this season is 5% but he said that he will do everything to show that doctors are wrong and come back on track this season. Emil is now coming back to Poland and from tomorrow we will start rehabilitation with physiotherapists with who we are working with.”

On the offical SGP site we can read that:

„There is a five percent chance he’ll be back on track this season. No-one has said that he has a broken arm. We know what is wrong with him, but we don’t want to say to anyone what the problem is.  We’re not giving anymore information until he is back on track. I don’t know when he will be back. Maybe he will be back tomorrow; maybe he will be back in one month or two months. Until that day, we won’t give any information. When you see him show up on track, you will see he is back. He’s having rehabilitation now and he’s with the doctors and physiotherapists.”

This statements have somethig in common: THE ARM IS NOT THE BIGGEST PROBLEM and in comparison with other ingures arm is in best condition. Suskiewicz told also that mentally Emil is feeling well but of course he is frustrated but it’s normal in situtation when he was preparing to this season in winter time and now in couple of seconds everything can be ruined.


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